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How User-Centered Design Helps States Connect With Citizens UX Playbook Part 1: Identifying project goals and user needs5 min read

Part 1 of 3: Identify Goals and User Needs

The State of Minnesota decided to take an innovative approach to address some complex unemployment issues with their new workforce platform. They found that many underserved and undertrained people need services and educational opportunities to become ideal job candidates. Their approach was to use an online tool to locate individuals with the most substantial gap in employable skills and train them for the many job openings.

The broad population they want to reach has many unique needs. User-centered design (UCD) is one way to uncover those needs in order to make sure the website meets them.

UCD is based on the following core characteristics:

  • Include users in the process
  • Identify usability goals
  • Iterate on solutions

In this three-part UX Playbook series, we’ll walk you step-by-step through our user-centered design process to illustrate the various activities that took place.

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Report From the Floor at ISM Working together on work (and community engagement) requirements 3 min read

GovWebworks ISM Buttons

We’re reporting from the floor of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) ISM Conference at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. As mentioned in a previous post on the Top 3 Issues in HHS Technology, we’re looking at breakout sessions on key HHS issues, including work requirements, modular modernization, and user-centered design.

On Monday, we attended the panel on “Work Requirements Changes are Afoot,” with representatives from Mississippi and Kentucky. The takeaway was that more often than not, agencies can work together to share systems for mutual benefit.

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Top 3 Issues in HHS Technology Hot topics and breakout sessions at APHSA's 2018 ISM Conference3 min read

Top 3 Issues for HHS Tech

The IT Solutions Management for Human Services ISM Conference is coming up at the Washington State Convention Center, September 16-19, 2018. Now in its 51st year, ISM is a popular meeting place for HHS public sector IT experts. It hosts discussions and workshops with thought leaders on human service delivery innovations and the latest in HHS tech advancements.

We’ve highlighted some issues that everyone seems to be talking about this year:

  1. Work requirements
  2. Modular modernization
  3. User-centered design techniques

With these in mind, we’ve detailed the best breakout sessions to attend on these topics, and why they matter.

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