Amy Mauriello

User Experience Strategist

Amy Mauriello is a User Experience Strategist with 11 years of design experience in the fields of medicine, finance, education, SasS, and government. She has completed graduate courses in Human-Computer Interaction and is an enthusiastic promoter of UX. You can take her User Research Techniques and Basics class on Skillshare.

Latest Articles

UX Playbook Part 3 of 3: Develop Wireframes and Design Prototypes

UX Playbook Part 3

How we develop wireframes and design prototypes with Sketch and InVisionWelcome to the third and final chapter of the UX Playbook series. Our process, thus far, has guided how we…
UX Playbook Part 2 of 3: Organize Content and Define Site Structure

UX Playbook Part 2

How we organize content and define site structure with card sorting and tree testingUser-centered design (UCD) is an ongoing conversation in the public sector, and at GovWebworks. In our last post, UX Playbook…
UX Playbook Part 1 of 3: Identify Goals and User Needs

UX Playbook Part 1

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