Maximizing agile techniques to keep projects on target.

Our project management team brings the experience and leadership to deliver projects on time, and on budget. We work under the spotlight of public scrutiny, and always believe transparency comes first. No alarms and no surprises. At the same time we pride ourselves on flexibility, allowing scope to adapt and evolve to emerging requirements. We work with the agile methodology to accommodate change without resorting to the Change Order.

Core capabilities

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Agile Project Management

We manage projects with a focus on accountability, transparency and predictable outcomes. Our pragmatic approach ensures active client engagement and regular opportunities to review progress.

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Business Analysis

A lot of legacy software documentation is lost or incomplete, and it can be hard to replace something when you don't know exactly what it does. Our team can help define and imagine your next generation solutions.

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Agile Coaching

Looking to affect organizational change? We provide agile coaching services to help transform your team, your project, or your entire agency.

How to Achieve Agility

How agile is your organization? It’s not only the developers who need to be involved in delivering working software. An agile coach can help to achieve a fully agile process.