AI and machine learning for government.

Our AI Lab explores the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring time and cost savings to government agencies. AI can assist staff with customer service, reduce the time to create, manage, and distribute content, and provide improved forecasting with predictive technologies. Solutions include chatbots for 24-7 support, AI-enhanced content management systems, and personalization engines.

Core Capabilities

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Conversational Interfaces

Empower your audiences to find and consume content in more intuitive and accessible ways than traditional menu-based content discovery. AI tools increase customer engagement while reducing long-term costs.

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Personalization and recommendation systems help bring the most relevant content directly to your users based on their unique needs and demographics rather than making them search and navigate to find it, increasing engagement and audience satisfaction, while at the same time cutting down support requests.

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AI-Enhanced Content Management

Assist staff with the creation and management of content, and gain cost savings and reduced resource requirements. AI can enhance your CMS with automated image tagging, video transcription, and automated content translation.

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AI Solutions for Government

Find out how Artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are becoming an integral part of government software development strategies and initiatives, reshaping the way products are created, delivered, and used.