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We provide stakeholders with clear visibility into project progress, realistic schedules, and metrics of success.

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Recognizing the limits on public funds, our team strives to keep all resources on-task and deliver maximum value.

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Our proven track record of success represents a low-risk option when augmenting your team.

Latest from Publicus Blog

October 9, 2018

How User-Centered Design Helps States Connect With Citizens

The State of Minnesota decided to take an innovative approach to address some complex unemployment issues with their new workforce platform. They found that many underserved and undertrained people need services and educational opportunities to become ideal job candidates. Their

September 25, 2018

PM Chat 1: Alison Schestopol, Sarah Crossman, and Hellen Fitzpatrick

In light of DigitalGov’s post on Experiments in Tweaking Agile for UX, we spoke with GovWebworks project managers (PMs) Alison Schestopol, Sarah Crossman, and Hellen Fitzpatrick on the topic. They discussed the ways they incorporate design and user experience (UX) into

September 18, 2018

Report From the Floor at ISM

We’re reporting from the floor of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) ISM Conference at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. As mentioned in a previous post on the Top 3 Issues in HHS Technology, we’re looking at breakout sessions

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