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We provide stakeholders with clear visibility into project progress, realistic schedules, and metrics of success.

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Recognizing the limits on public funds, our team strives to keep all resources on-task and deliver maximum value.

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Our proven track record of success represents a low-risk option when augmenting your team.

Latest from Publicus Blog

February 12, 2019

Child Welfare Needs the Right Tools

Family breakdown. Poverty. Neglect. Too often, children are caught in events outside of their control that have long-term impacts. When the public sector’s response is burdened by worker burnout, budget concerns, and maxed out systems, compassionate care is a challenge. Some

January 29, 2019

Why Smart Content Connectors are the Future of Government Websites

I’ve been around long enough to see several major shifts in content consumption behavior, such as print to web, and web to mobile. The next big shift is already underway and drastically changing audience expectations for finding and consuming content.

January 22, 2019

What Civic Service Taught Me About Design

As a user-experience (UX) designer for government projects, I was recently tasked with the painstaking process of going through a state health care application looking for discrepancies. The goal was to make one consolidated form that would simplify the application process,

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