Making legal services easier to find and understand.

Our nearly two decades of experience applying technology to improve judicial practices serves a diverse audience including judges, attorneys, mediators, jurors, and self-representing litigants. We work diligently to ensure solutions fit the needs and experience of the target audiences.

Core capabilities

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Court Portals

Judiciary portals serve a diverse audience of judges, attorneys, mediators, self-represented litigants, and potential jurors, providing access to court and legal proceedings. Our accessible and responsive tools make it easy for constituents to access timely information on any device.

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Legal Administration

Web-based interfaces provide access for mediators, court financial personnel, and program managers to file detailed reports of mediation sessions, submit payment and expense requisitions, and view and create reports based on numerous criteria.

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Self Help Services

Online tools provide a valuable resource for self-represented litigants who need to find legal information without the help of a legal advisor. We help judiciaries improve access and clarity of content for those in need.

Decades of Judicial Expertise

Find out how we’ve supported judiciaries in Colorado, Maryland, Maine, and Vermont over the years. Visit judicial case studies.