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ChatGPT - AI Newsletter

March 2023 AI Newsletter

Our AI Lab's roundup of the latest articles and news relating to artificial intelligence for online services in the public sectorWelcome to the March 2023 AI Newsletter from the GovWebworks AI Lab. The following articles touch on important topics in…
Iain Kerr and Jason Frasca of Emergent Futures Lab

Innovating Through Experience

Iain Kerr and Jason Frasca on how to create the new by experimenting with the old"The beginnings of the new are already there in everything," is how consultants Iain Kerr and Jason Frasca explained innovation…
Agile to agility Conference on Complexity

Leadership For Complex Times

Perspectives from the Agile to agility Conference on adapting and innovating in complexityIn December of 2019, agile trainer and coach Miljan Bajic hit a writer's block on a book about agile frameworks.…
Kristen Cox, Theory of Constraints expert

Doing the Right Thing Well

Kristen Cox on how the Theory of Constraints can make government agencies more effectiveWhen Kristen Cox found herself in an intense training program for learning the skills and mindset to become an effective…
How to Build an Executive Data Dashboard

How to Build an Executive Data Dashboard

Provide stakeholders with an information-rich dashboard for viewing website dataBy Todd Merry You’ve invested countless hours (and $$$) in planning, designing, building, testing, and implementing your new website. It…