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A chart displaying Labor Force Participation by month in 2018

All In a Day’s Work

How Minnesota is encouraging labor force participation with help from the Workforce Innovation FundAccording to analysts, the July 6 data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows continued growth in jobs and workers.…
Downtown, Gloversville, New York

Writers Help Small Towns Look to Future

Authors Richard Russo and Kerri Arsenault talk with John Freeman about the need for renewal in their hometowns"Losing your work makes you angry," writes Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Russo in an essay from the anthology, Tales of…
Illustration to support Top 5 Gov Tech Blogs

Top 5 Gov Tech Blogs

The best blogs covering digital government topicsAs a companion to our list of Top 5 Gov Tech News Sources, we've compiled a top 5 list of…
Illustration to support Top 5 Gov Tech News Sources

Top 5 for Gov Tech News

Our go-tos for news and topics in government technologyIn our efforts to stay current on the GovWebworks blog, we turn to the following gov tech news sources. We…