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Video: What’s Idaho’s Secret to Living Better?

A Drupal Saas solution presented at Drupal GovCon
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GWW Staff

August 8, 2017

Connecting families and individuals to the right services is an important mandate for health and human services agencies. In line with our recent posts on the topic, GovWebworks presented at Drupal GovCon on how we helped the State of Idaho address this issue with the Live Better Idaho tool.

Tom Lovering, Director of Client Engagement at GovWebworks, explains the origins of the Idaho initiative. He also addresses the technical, business, and political hurdles our CiviServ tool overcame to help many Idahoans to “live better.”

As a result, we’re pleased to share the presentation with you in this post:

More info on this presentation:

More from Publicus on addressing social determinants of health:

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