Top 12 for 2019

Top 12 for 2019

The top 12 blog articles posted this year
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GWW Staff

December 10, 2019

We’re looking forward to 2020 and our 20th anniversary (more on that to come), but first, we have the top blog posts from 2019 to share…

Top 12 Blog Articles

The Top 12 blog articles (based on unique page views) posted by our team in 2019:

12. Improving Process With Open Source Technologies
How to reduce friction and increase efficiency with best practices from the community
Every Drupal website we work on, regardless of client, pretty much follows the same process: A Drupal instance is set up, modules get installed, designs are translated into themes, and business logic is applied where needed. Rinse and repeat. Simple, right?
By Joseph Descalzota
October 29, 2019

11. Achieving Child Support System Modernization
Strategies from the National Child Support Enforcement Association conference
We’re at the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) National Leadership Symposium this week to examine key issues and innovations happening in the child support community. It is important work. The well-being of over 15 million children, one fifth of the children in the country, is at stake.
By Ravi Jackson
August 13, 2019

10. Solutions for Children and Families
Experts at the APHSA Summit discuss how to make changes based on behavioral science
APHSA’s National Health and Human Services (HHS) Summit looks at issues and innovations in the HHS community. This year’s conference, May 19-22 in Arlington, Virginia, hosts sessions relating to policy and practice solutions for children, family, and community well-being.
By GWW Staff
May 14, 2019

9. GSA Technology Contract Opens Doors for State Agencies
Why GSA IT 70 is more efficient and cost effective for state and local procurement
We’ve all heard state and local agencies and their vendors grumbling about the RFP procurement process. Agencies spend countless time and dollars on requirements gathering, RFP writing, and proposal reviewing. Vendors do the same on lead generation services, proposal writing, and travel and preparation for shortlist meetings.
By GWW Staff
August 27, 2019

8. Opioids Solutions Series
How opioids took America by surprise, and what states can do about it
The opioids crisis has been all over the news for a reason. The effects are far reaching and often devastating for those with addictions, as well as their loved ones, the community, and health and social services agencies. In this three-part series on opioids crisis solutions, I hope to provide perspective on this issue, look at some responses around the nation, and inspire states to take action.
By Ravi Jackson
July 3, 2019

7. Moving the Needle on Child Support Compliance
How behavioral intervention improved outcomes in three states
Traditionally, the Child Support Enforcement system has been viewed by non-custodial parents (NCPs) as adversarially focused on collection, with punitive measures for default. Recently, the program has been looking to improve outcomes through a more collaborative approach, driven by the latest thinking in behavioral science.
By Tom Lovering
May 21, 2019

6. Support for Changing Families
Why modernizing the IV-D child support system protects children, alleviates poverty, and reduces the strain on government
Millennials are blamed for ruining a lot of things these days, but one thing they’ve had a positive effect on is marriage, as they get married later and stay married longer. This has helped divorce rates to decline from their all-time high in the early ’80’s, but nevertheless there will be 14 divorces in the U.S. in the time it takes to read this article (4 minutes).
By Tom Lovering
March 19, 2019

5. What’s in the Crystal Ball for Health & Human Services?
How scenarios can forecast alternative futures
Books and movies allow us to try on different characters and lives, and science fiction, especially, lets us slip into various alternative futures for humanity. We get to see if a totalitarian society like Orwell’s 1984 is better or worse than the test tube humans of Huxley’s Brave New World, or if the utopia in Lowry’s The Giver is really preferable to a dystopia.
By GWW Staff
February 26, 2019

4. Child Welfare Needs the Right Tools
How New York is leading the way with new tech, data, and services
Family breakdown. Poverty. Neglect. Too often, children are caught in events outside of their control. Sadly, compassionate care by the public sector can be a challenge in the face of worker burnout, budget concerns, and maxed out systems. Some government entities are seeking new tools to help, as reported in the Washington Post, but crisis shouldn’t be necessary to stoke change.
By Ravi Jackson
February 12, 2019

3. Why Smart Content Connectors Are the Future of Government Websites
And how to prepare your content
I’ve been around long enough to see several major shifts in content consumption behavior, such as print to web, and web to mobile. The next big shift is already underway and drastically changing audience expectations for finding and consuming content. It’s also changing how content needs to be created and distributed. What I call “Smart Content Connectors” are both the cause and the solution to this ongoing disruption. There are a number of ways to prepare.
By Adam Kempler
January 29, 2019

2. What Civic Service Taught Me About Design
How a human-centered approach makes a difference for citizens
As a user-experience (UX) designer for government projects, I was recently tasked with the painstaking process of going through a state health care application looking for discrepancies. New to GovWebworks, I feared my limited experience would be insufficient. Then it occurred to me that my previous work as an AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer prepared me for a career in UX in ways I never expected.
By Karin Carlson
January 22, 2019

1. Beyond Genericized UX
How to avoid McDonaldization of UX, or oversimplification of the design process
It’s been said that web design, as an industry, has been inching towards what Chris Kiess refers to as the “The McDonaldization of UX” or oversimplification of the UX design process. The question then becomes this: When there is significant emphasis on utilizing best practices, getting design done as quickly as possible, and achieving the efficiencies that a fast food restaurant brings, is it possible to bring creativity and innovation to your design?
By Sarah Crossman
July 23, 2019

Happy 2020

We’re always grateful for the clients, vendors, conference organizers, employees, and contractors we have collaborated with in 2019. You make our successes possible. Thank you! From everyone at GovWebworks/Portland Webworks, we wish you and yours a productive and successful 2020.

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