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November 2021 AI Newsletter

Our AI Lab's roundup of the latest articles and news relating to artificial intelligence and online services in the public sector
Adam Kempler

Software Architect

Adam Kempler

November 16, 2021

Welcome to the November AI Newsletter from the GovWebworks AI Lab. The following articles touch on important topics in the industry, including:

  1. AI vs ML
  2. Salary stats for AI
  3. New language translation APIs
  4. Difficulties with Machine Learning

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#1: AI vs ML: What’s the difference?

Key takeaway: A quick and non-technical introduction to the difference between AI and ML (Machine Learning).

Reviewed by Adam Kempler

At this point you’ve probably heard the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning thrown around quite a bit, but if you aren’t sure what the difference is between the two, then this quick overview can give you a nice introduction to the two terms.

If you want a little more detail, this article provides a bit more background:

AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning Differences  


#2: Salary stats for data scientists, machine learning, and other AI-related positions

Key takeaway: An easy-to-skim resource for identifying salary ranges for AI related job positions.

Reviewed by Adam Kempler

As more government organizations look to fill data scientist, machine learning, and other AI positions, this recent salary data sheet can be helpful in understanding what the current salary trends are in those fields.

Learn more about the data sheet here:

Insights: A first update on our salary survey  


#3: New language translation APIs can help your organization meet the needs of diverse audiences

Key takeaway: Updated APIs can translate your content on the fly or in batches depending on your needs.

Reviewed by Adam Kempler

Enhanced APIs from Google and AWS can automate the translation of your content into 100+ languages. These services can be integrated with CMS tools for on-the-fly translation of predefined fields and content types, as well as in batches for uploaded documents and migrated content.

These translation services support features like Glossaries that let you define preferred translations for things such as product and department names. Google’s translation service also lets you import previous human-validated translations to improve domain specific automated translations.

Learn about machine translation services from Google and AWS:

Google – New features for translating content globally

AWS – Amazon Translate Features


#4: Difficulties with Machine Learning based forecasting

Key takeaway: Machine Learning models that are driving business models need to be properly vetted.

Reviewed by Adam Kempler

The following article provides an interesting point of view as to what went wrong with Zillow’s Machine Learning based forecasting models that were used to drive their home purchasing business, and ultimately caused them to cut 25% of their staff.

Zillow Just Gave Us A Look At Machine Learning’s Future


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