Service Discovery

Service Discovery

The self-service gateway

Our CiviServ tool offers guided and intelligent search options to connect users with your services. The platform supports eligibility-driven recommendations, natural-language search, service-relationship recommendations as well as conventional hierarchical navigation. CiviServ helps users establish a relationship with your agency, saving favorite content, sharing recommendations, and providing a warm-handoff to more in depth service delivery. It can be configured specifically to support your department’s services, your eligibility requirements and your priorities.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Consolidation and simplification

Citizen portals provide a single interface to access an entire agency’s services and systems. We provide open-source solutions to the challenge of disparate systems and dispersed users. These solutions offer rich content management and collaboration tools along with seamless application integration. A unified agency presence via a citizen portal brings relief to your citizens and your staff.

Informational Gateways

Information Gateways

Empowering digital government

Gateways run the gamut from robust public-facing portals to mission-critical internal business applications. Our team brings deep software engineering skills that help us create contemporary, user-centered applications that are scalable and flexible. All of our team have broad enterprise experience, and so we are well versed in marrying the old with the new, making the modernization of your legacy systems a reality.


Application Development

Custom application development is at the heart of what we do every day. Our development capabilities include robust public-facing portals to mission-critical internal business applications — and pretty much everything else in between.

User Centered Design

We are helping to raise user expectations when they interact with government online. When you put the user first, the experience is better and the user is happier. The GovWebworks team brings that goal to every project we tackle.

Cloud Services

We differentiate ourselves from competing firms by offering end-to-end support for everything we develop. We have considerable experience in handling enterprise hosting, and our depth of knowledge makes us a valuable partner to your entire IT organization.

Project Management

Our project management team brings the experience and leadership to deliver projects on time, and on budget. We work under the spotlight of public scrutiny, and always believe transparency comes first. No alarms and no surprises.

Quality Assurance

Highly functional and maintainable software requires a methodical approach to quality that involves an intensive process of checking, re-checking, using, and even abusing the emerging code in order to deliver software that “just works.”


Whether you intend to host your application on your own hardware or look for a cloud-based solution, we can help with hardware procurement, software selection, security and redundancy considerations.