Making services easier to identify and understand.

Consumer expectations of citizen engagement tools are continually evolving, even for those turning to government for assistance. We work with state agencies to meet their constituents where they are, and ensure access that matches their capabilities and preferences, making services easier to identify and understand.

Core capabilities

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Service Discovery

Educating and connecting citizens to available public services is an important part of any department or agency’s mandate, but too often, barriers lie between the services and the intended end users. We develop tools to improve access and understanding.

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Service Delivery

A single interface to access an entire agency’s services and systems. We provide open-source solutions to the challenge of disparate systems and dispersed users. A unified agency presence via a citizen portal brings relief to your citizens and your staff.

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Information Gateways

Gateways run the gamut from robust public-facing portals to mission-critical internal business applications. Our team brings deep software engineering skills that help us create contemporary, user-centered applications that are scalable and flexible.

What are Smart Content Connectors?

As the technology landscape shifts, prepare to meet your clients where they are, and where they will be in the future, through what we’re calling smart content connectors.