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Sending good will and great cheer to all, and gratitude for the achievements of the year
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GWW Staff

December 22, 2020

No matter how unprecedented a year may be, certain things remain reliably unchanged. 1) The days, weeks, and months pass. 2) The holidays are celebrated. 3) The year comes to an end. More than that, for us, there were new clients added, projects begun and completed, awards won, anniversaries celebrated.

As we mark our 21st anniversary tomorrow, December 23, we look back at our company timeline and find much to be grateful for, not only in the past 21 years, but this year as well. Our appreciation goes out to our clients and employees for making it all happen. And our wish to all for finding connection in the year to come…

Happy Holidays from our bubble to yours. Let's shake things up and connect in 2021.

2020 year in review

A sampling of some of the highlights of our year:

New contracts

  • Florida Department of Transportation – Florida Turnpike Centralized Customer Service Platform project
  • Maryland Judiciary – Usability Study project
  • Missouri IT Services – Missouri Statewide Drupal Services contract renewal
  • North Dakota Information Technology – Digital Innovation Services selected vendor list
  • Massachusetts Department of Children and Families – platform modernization support

In progress

  • Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – various projects
  • Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry – Maine Animal Welfare project
  • Missouri Department of Conservation – redesign
  • South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office – redesign


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