Maryland Health Care Commission

Health Care Usability Redesign

The Challenge

Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) serves all Marylanders by overseeing the planning and operation of the state’s health systems. As an independent regulatory agency, the core work conducted by MHCC serves members of the health care community such as providers, legislators, insurance agencies, lobbyists, and health care purchasers. To reach such a wide audience, the MHCC site needs to be broadly usable and accessible by all types of users. This includes consideration of the devices people use to access the site (mobile vs desktop), their familiarity with the subject matter and domain, level of comfort with technology overall, and the potential use of assistive tools to access the web.

The task of redesigning more than 30,000 pages of content and files seemed formidable, so the Commission put out an RFP for a contractor to assist in addressing the above considerations as part of an overall modernization of its web presence. MHCC sought visioning, guidance, and strategic planning in order to create a roadmap for a renewed web presence with a more appealing, functional, joyful, adaptive and personalized end-user experience. They also wanted the new interface to maintain compliance with accessibility standards and conform with established State and institutional branding guidelines.

Our Approach

As the winning bidder, GovWebworks engaged with MHCC stakeholders in a collaborative, peer-to-peer advisory capacity to guide MHCC’s website modernization efforts. Our primary tasks began with business analysis and agency visioning with the stakeholders. We then set out to do a comprehensive content audit and began reviewing legacy analytics and conducting supplemental end-user research. This information helped us to assess and provide planning for the necessary scope and breadth of topics and functionality needed for the new site. We did workflow diagramming and process engineering brainstorming to help MHCC evaluate the role that the website could play in the Certificate of Need (CON) application process, as well as their obligations for public transparency around in-process applications. We also worked through the goals that they had for a dedicated commissioner portal.

Our team then identified and finalized a revised information architecture and navigation scheme. We also delivered recommendations on how to update legacy content, fill gaps, and make content adjustments. Finally we iteratively explored design concepts and honed wireframes, interactive prototypes, and screen mockups. The emergent plans and visioning were tested and validated by end users to provide grounded, data-driven justification for the new site. When designs were approved and finalized, we compiled a project brief with formalized guidance for MHCC to refer to for design and content strategy and governance.

Maryland scenicMaryland Health Care Commission usability study

The Result

The UX consultation provided by GovWebworks will eventually transform the MHCC website to enhance its brand and improve interaction with MHCC’s core audience, as well as advance business processes for MHCC staff and users. With the following deliverables in hand, MHCC is well positioned to make the changes needed to enhance their web presence.

  1. Low-fidelity page designs
  2. High-fidelity homepage designs
  3. User research summary
  4. CON workflow diagram
  5. Working model for updated IA
  6. Low-fidelity main menu design exploration
  7. Technical recommendations

The user experience focused redesign will enable MHCC to better serve its community and advance its mission.

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