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Increasing Our Commitment to Health and Human Services

Why we joined the Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG)
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GWW Staff

November 21, 2017

GovWebworks is pleased to become a member of the Public Sector Council of the Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG). Founded in 1993, the council provides IT guidance and information for the health and human services (HHS) industry.

“As a technology vendor for health and human services clients, we believe the HSITAG membership supports our mission of bringing innovation to the public sector,” says Tom Lovering, Director of Client Engagement for GovWebworks.

“We look forward to engaging in dialogue about ways to improve communication between the public and private sector in order to provide better online tools for citizens.”

Member benefits

Under the umbrella of CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, HSITAG promotes a number of initiatives for the public sector, including efforts to:

  • Monitor and ensure prioritization and support for HHS technology spending
  • Document potential changes in HHS policy, identify issues that affect delivery, and develop consistent messages and industry positions
  • Develop partnerships and provide messaging to support individual company actions

Furthermore, HSITAG conducts an annual survey with HHS leaders to gauge current and future business practices and initiatives. The resulting survey report “is designed to promote the application of IT to meet the many challenges facing state HHS agencies, and to raise the visibility of how agencies are addressing those challenges.” 2017 findings are summarized in the second annual HHS State of the States Survey results.

Engagement through HSITAG events

GovWebworks is planning to attend meetings on the HSITAG events schedule in order to connect with other members.

HSITAG meetings cover topics such as how the Administration for Children, Youth and Families and the federal Health and Human Services Agency are using data to help deliver better customer service and care to citizens, as discussed in September 2017.

The first meeting we’ll attend is the November CompTIA HSITAG Council Meeting on November 30 in New York. It features the following speakers:

  • Lauren Aaronson, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Office of Business Process innovation, NYC Health Resources Administration
  • David A. Hansell, Commissioner, NYC Administration for Children’s Services

Other events promoted by HSITAG include the ISM Annual Conference which will be held next year in Seattle, from September 16-19, 2018. See our notes from ISM 2017 for thoughts on current HHS technology topics.

Via these events and more, we look forward to expanding our support for our HHS clients. We’ll be evaluating ways to provide new services to new agencies, as well.

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