Opioid Abstract: Help is more vital now than ever

Managing Opioid Issues – White Paper

How technology can combat the increase in opioid use during the pandemic
Ravi Jackson

Public Sector Business Consultant

Ravi Jackson

February 9, 2021

Many people turn to substances in times of stress, and stats show that forced social isolation, anxiety, depression, and loss of income during the Covid-19 crisis has attributed to an uptick in issues related to opioid use. Agencies like The Doorway in New Hampshire report a 45% increase in requests for substance use services compared to a year ago.

Providing easy access to counseling and support is more vital than ever. However, many state agencies are struggling to connect people to the right resources. The Managing Opioids Issues white paper details some successful measures being employed by agencies in three states:

  1. Washington State: King County
  2. New Hampshire: The Doorway
  3. North Carolina: Project Lazurus

Examples in this paper focus on strategies agencies are using to adopt technology to meet current needs. Tech efforts include data dashboards that share information and deploy resources, and opioid/substance abuse resource websites and portals that increase awareness and connect disparate entities.

Find out how agencies are using these technologies in creative ways to stem the tide of increased substance use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Managing Opioid Issues White Paper

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